Coding Conventions

Java with Eclipse IDE

Setting up Eclipse with Maven

Your maven project needs to include the following maven-eclipse-plugin configuration to make use of the GBIF coding style:

To setup eclispse execute

mvn eclipse:eclipse
in the root folder of your project.

Code Formatting Style

To manually setup the coding style without maven do:

Window→Preferences→Java→Code Style→Formatter→Import...
Then select the downloaded java-style-config.xml file.

Import Organization

For Eclipse import organization:

Window→Preferences→Java→Code Style→Organize Imports→Import...
Then select the downloaded java-style.importorder file.

Member Sort Order

For Eclipse member sort order make your

Window→Preferences→Java→Appearance→Members Sort Order
match the following screenshot:

Save Actions

Finally, to automate all of this each time you save, configure your Eclipse

Window-Preferences→Java→Editor→Save Actions...
to match the following screenshot:

IntelliJ IDEA

Download settings.jar and select

File → Import Settings